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Jariboog Coat - Willow

Jariboog Coat - Willow

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The Jariboog is loaded with Features

  • It's a 3 in 1 coat.  The vest and jacket come together to create a warm winter coat

  • The layers make it great for 3 seasons

  • Easy transition between layers


  • The sherpa lined hood is warm and fits close to the child's face

  • Lined pockets are soft and warm

  • Reflective piping on the hood and vest sleeve holes increase visibility at night

  • Vest can be removed quickly and with ease


  • Base layer (jacket) can easily be worn in the car seat

  • Jacket can be worn alone in milder conditions
  • Made with soft fleece
  • The cuffs are soft with a comfortable fit
  • Warm fleece pockets
  • Child stays warm while being placed in the car seat
  • Guide for chest clip placement

A Dangerous Problem

For years, safety experts have said that bulky, puffy winter coats reduce the effectiveness of the child safety seat. How do they do this? When the harness is put in place, the puffy insulation and bunched up material in many jackets create too much space between the harness and the child.  This can create extra slack in the harness.  In the event of a crash this may result in injuries and even death. 

An Easy Solution

The Jariboog solves this problem with ease! The unique design of this two-piece system lets you remove the thick, outer vest section when it’s time for your child to be strapped into the car seat. There are no straps, snaps or buckles to hassle with. It’s just a vest that comes off, and the remaining base layer is specifically made to not interfere with the safety seat’s straps and buckles. 

The Base-Layer Jacket’s Features

The design of the base-layer jacket’s front, bottom hem area lies smooth and stays clear of the buckles. It does not have a bulky hood or any materials that might bunch up in the back, and this ensures extra slack does not occur in the harness. Also, the front "jariboog" patch on the chest is a guide for chest clip placement.

The Best Of Both Worlds

Before the Jariboog, a safety expert would advise you to remove your child’s winter jacket before placing him or her into the safety seat. This means you’d have to expose your child to freezing temperatures and whipping winter winds. With the Jariboog, putting your child into the car seat is as simple as quickly removing the outer vest and leaving the base layer jacket on.  It's a perfect solution:  your child stays warm while getting into the vehicle and there is no hassle. 

3-In-1 Jacket

When the mercury plummets, zip your child into the Jariboog's base-layer jacket and thick outer vest. Together, they deliver winter-defying warmth, or they can be worn separately during chilly days in the spring or fall. Both the fleece base-layer jacket and the stylish outer vest work great as two more stand-alone jackets. 100% polyester. Machine washable. Imported.

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