Kids car seat coats built around convenience

Frosty Bridge is dedicated to convenience and keeping your children warm even when riding in the car. Our coats have a simple design, built to make getting in and out of the car quick and easy.

Why is it important to have a car seat safe coat?

Normal coats cause car seat harnesses to create slack, making them extremely unsafe for your child. Before the Jariboog, safety experts would advise you to remove your child’s winter coat before placing him or her into the car seat. This means you’d have to expose your child to freezing temperatures and whipping winter winds. With the Jariboog, putting your child into the car seat is as simple and easy. with the Jariboog, your child gets to stays warm while getting into the vehicle and there is no hassle.


  • I think the Jariboog coat feels like Columbia quality!

    - Lindsey

  • We love this jacket!

    She absolutely loves it and has been wearing it everyday, with both pieces worn separately or together, based on the temperature outside.  She loves having 3 options to choose from everyday and also loves not having to take off the inner layer when she gets into her car seat.

    - Souad